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Mandolin Enamel Pin
Mandolin Enamel Pin
Mandolin Enamel Pin

Mandolin Enamel Pin

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ARMORY // a series of black and gold hard enamel pins themed after adventuring items and magical equipment. Pins range from 1" to 2" in size and are backed with rubber clutches - see product images and list below for size comparison. 

  • Sword and Shield 2-pin set (2" and 1.25")
  • Hunter's Bow (1.25")
  • Mandolin (1.75")
  • Spellbook (1.25")
  • Greataxe (2")
  • Rapier (2")
  • Twin Daggers 2-pin set (1")
  • Flail (.75" and 1.25" pins connected by a chain)